Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basic to Beautiful

Kris Boevers is a college-aged photographer expanding what was once just a hobby, into a state-wide business. Earlier this month, Boevers launched her website,, allowing for many more to view her work, and hire her services. Boevers specializes in making ordinary things seem extraordinary; including the special moments in a person's life: engagements, weddings, christenings, and families. She takes these simple moments and immortalizes them forever in film.
Boevers started taking pictures when she was very young. When she realized she wanted to do this as a profession, she saved and then bought all of the equipment she would need for her business. This year she expanded into officially buying webspace - although she also runs a blog in conjunction to her website. To her, Boevers believes her business has unlimited possibilities. It is evident that Boevers makes everything basic, beautiful - from her business to her subjects.

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