Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basic to Beautiful

Kris Boevers is a college-aged photographer expanding what was once just a hobby, into a state-wide business. Earlier this month, Boevers launched her website,, allowing for many more to view her work, and hire her services. Boevers specializes in making ordinary things seem extraordinary; including the special moments in a person's life: engagements, weddings, christenings, and families. She takes these simple moments and immortalizes them forever in film.
Boevers started taking pictures when she was very young. When she realized she wanted to do this as a profession, she saved and then bought all of the equipment she would need for her business. This year she expanded into officially buying webspace - although she also runs a blog in conjunction to her website. To her, Boevers believes her business has unlimited possibilities. It is evident that Boevers makes everything basic, beautiful - from her business to her subjects.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most Sizes Welcome

Saturday, March 27, 2010, Fashion Bug – a clothing store in Moore, OK – expanded its national brand to include plus sizes, as well as size sixes. In honor of this occasion, they held a spring fashion show including models of all ages and sizes.
The line was full of bright colors, tailored pants, print dresses, and cannily draped blouses. The models displayed their individual personalities with their walks, and every model, including a size six, represented the different sizes of clothing in the store.
The manager of the Moore store said that while they are expanding to size sixes, they do not plan on going into lower sizes, and the size sixes can be found online. But she does see positive outcomes of these new sizes.

"I Do it For My Girls"

While she never gained a college degree, Christina Morris, 23, sees herself as a role model for her two young daughters. "I want my daughters to see that I have accomplished so much without a degree, and that they can do whatever they set their minds to... but they are going to college!"
Morris's business, Imperial Elements, showcases unique, one of a kind beaded jewelry of her own design. On Facebook alone, she has over 200 fans. As a military wife, she became involved with a group of other wives- who all shared a common interest: beadwork. From these 'girls night outs' spawned her love of jewelry making and beadwork.

She may not have gained premises - her husband might be transferred to another base - she considers herself a businesswoman and is proud that her daughters are able to see her accomplish her dreams.

Introducing Miss Luxxe Bentley

Cody Johnson wants everyone he meets to be as comfortable with themselves as he is with himself. Cody, an active member in the gay community, won Miss Gay Charity Oklahoma 2010 last month as his altar ego, Luxxe Bentley. Luxxe performs to show off her singing and dancing talent, but she also wants to inspire and teach others that different is beautiful.