Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mom with a Mission

Hannah Keel, 22, is a photographer based out of Moore, looking to help those that want a sentimental touch to their photographs, and helping those that want to break into the industry, get a leg up. It is Keel's mission to serve the public that cannot afford to have expensive photographers, and to help those that are in the hands of mass portrait studios, to gain the pictures they deserve. "I want to use it (photography) to be of service to other people - friends, people on a budget - basically I want to use it to be a blessing." Keel has done several fashion shoots for local models as test shots, but she says she is more of an "everybody photographer" than strictly a fashion photographer.
Indeed, Keel is very focused on giving to her community. She is a pre-med student during the day - planning on becoming an OBGYN -, and comes home nightly to take care of her two children, Briar and Silas. Photography began as a hobby, and now, she has realized how much it matters to others to have something tangible of a special memory. "Everybody deserves to have something special to hang on their wall."
Keel's work in photography and her interest in medicine have led her to an interesting discovery. A group of volunteer photographers work in the newborn nurseries and are dedicated to photographing those miscarriage children, and the children that have passed away shortly after birth. These photographers work so that the families may have a memorial portrait of the baby they have lost. Keel says that she wants to help with this mission,"I want to help the healing process. I miscarried my first child, about 3 years ago, and I know that losing a baby is the worst kind of pain. I would love to be a part of something like that to help other parents along in the healing process through my photography."
Whether it is a model, or a baby, or a just engaged couple, Keel proves that everyone can be beautiful when a true artist with a compassionate heart is behind the lens.
The following photos are all courtesy of Hannah Keel Photography, and are from her extended portfolio.

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